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Electric Scooter Picks-Up Model MBAs

Just a week and a half ago my scooter got some well overdue attention at the semi-annual Capstone Showcase event for Presidio Graduate School. I brought the scooter with me to class and to the showcase event since my final project, Social Outlet, is a solution that provides all of the needed infrastructure to support widespread adoption of two-wheeled electric vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles and bicycles with the ability to charge whenever and wherever needed.

I took the Z6000 with me on BART that morning having received reassurance from the BART Police that taking a near 300lb vehicle on BART is perfectly ok as long as it’s not powered by a volatile fuel or a Segway. This was my second time taking my scooter on BART and it went without a hitch, save some shocked looks from fellow passengers. I didn’t have as much luck at the evening Capstone Showcase event, where shortly after taking this picture I was told I had to remove it due to a potential fire hazard. I tried to explain that it was safer than an incandescent light bulb but failed to make a dent in their official policy. Good thing the ability to take EVs into buildings isn’t a requirement for their adoption!

Given the relative ease of taking one of these vehicles on BART I can’t see why anyone would want to buy a gasoline powered one in San Francisco or the East Bay. It is awesome having a scooter in either urban area and so easy to park and not hard to find places to charge up either!

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